Apr 29, 2015

A New Poem

This morning on my way in to work I came up with this little poem which I am calling "Alive". I am continuing in my recent pattern of writing in an acrostic style. I had originally written the fourth line as "Then why not go there now", but I later decided to try and make it rhyme with the surrounding lines so that the complete rhyming pattern is now AABBB rather than AABCB. I did not even count the syllables to try and make them consistent or patterned.

Actually I just counted and amazingly I had 8-8-8-8-7 without even trying. I have now changed the first word of the last line from hope to hoping and made each line eight syllables (assuming I counted right). So this is a good poem in my mind: consistent syllable count, acrostic, and a nice rhyming pattern.

Does the next world really exist
Everyone thinks they will persist
And if it is a better place
Then let's go now and end this race
Hoping to see your smiling face

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