Jun 1, 2015

Things that make you cry

Recently I am finding myself in the Chicago area a lot and I am still trying to figure things out. I enjoy going to new places and observing people in what is a new area to me. The other day I decided to get a quick bite to eat at a McDonalds and I was delighted to observe two elderly men who were enjoying each others company. It's always nice to see other people smiling and having a good time. They almost looked like twins, clearly they were brothers. They were joking with each other and interacting with one of the workers. The employee was coming back in from out side and one of the brothers was motioning for the woman to come over. He had a bag of stuff that he wanted to give her. As she is walking over the other brother is blowing her kisses in a sweet kind manner. These guys are very non threatening and old and wrinkly and bald.

I could see that the bag was full of canned goods or something like that and the woman was breaking down crying because they were giving her all this stuff. I'm trying not to cry right now as I think about it. Such a nice thing and they enjoyed being able to help and give to her. After she left I went over and sat with them and just started talking with them. It was like we were old friends. Sitting closer I really enjoyed the brother on the left and the way he smiled. They asked me if I knew how to get music on their cell phones (and these are some seriously old flip phones). They said they like to take pictures with their phones but I'm not sure that was even possible. I asked them and confirmed they were brothers. They had been at McDonalds hanging out for a while I guess and they had to leave, but they told me they came there often. So now I am going to have to start going to this McDonalds and just hanging out waiting to see if I can run into them again.

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